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  • Listening to: Streets of Rage 2: OST
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  • Watching: The Grand Tour. Vikings S4. Frontier. Black Sails
  • Playing: Peggle + Walking Dead: New frontier
  • Eating: EVERYTHING.. Fat = happy! XD
  • Drinking: cheap Cherryade :3
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:iconvertical-misfit: hey everyone! :la:


:XD: so yeah, i'm back to work again now, which, sucks, coz, no more lay ins and lazy days. BUT, at least i'm finally getting the bills paid again after 3 months. :lmao:
>>; though, i gotta admit, i really don't miss the bad backs and mashed hands XD


Just letting everyone know that i'll barely be online much for a while.
I'll do my best to come online every other evening if i can...
i'll try my best to get the odd pic drawn on weekends... >>; if i'm not plagued by moocher buddies, like this weekend. :XD:

anyway, yeah, i'm still about, i'm not forgetting anyone, don't freak out just because i'm not on skype EVERYDAY.
;p I'm just back in peak season of work, so, as always this time of year, its back to the slack-art period for me.
I'll mostly be online at the weekends, so, hope to seeya then :la:

:D seeya soon!

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  • Listening to: Streets of Rage 2: OST
  • Reading: this
  • Watching: The Grand Tour. Vikings S4. Frontier. Black Sails
  • Playing: Peggle + Walking Dead: New frontier
  • Eating: EVERYTHING.. Fat = happy! XD
  • Drinking: cheap Cherryade :3
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:iconvertical-misfit: hey all! :D how's everyone's 2017 going so far? Good I hope!
well, first up. I'M BROKE! SO BROKE! NUUUUUUUUUUUU! :nuu: ......>>; but still holding onto pride and not doing commissions :la:
ok, i'm done.


:star: QUIZ TIME!
:iconjusticewolf337: tagged me... which is awesome! >> nobody tags these days, what's up with that? ( XD and don't everyone spam me with tags now i said that! ).
anyway, here we go!

:bulletpurple: 8 Things about my OC, Melony (Mel).  Party Time by Vertical-Misfit

1) She's VERY happy, carefree, excitable and playful by nature. Everything is a game to her, though, sometimes, she can get carried away... especially after a few glasses of cheap wine. >>; 

2) Mel is a snow leopard... be it a spotless one. But, don't mention that, she's a little insecure about the subject!

3) She is also a Goddess 'student in training'. She wants to become the official 'Goddess of Cake, Cookies and ice cream'. Her role is supposed to be spread cookies and cake to the world, but... yeah, she spends more time eating it all herself and doesn't obey the rules set by the gods council, as its less fun.

4) As a Goddess, she's immortal and invulnerable, and can change size freely. But, she  ALSO has the power to materialize cake, ice cream, cookies, milkshakes and even desserts on demand! woo!

5) Mel shares an apartment in the 'City of the Gods' with Vex. It has all the usual modern appliances and furnishings, scaled to suite Macro gods. (Vex + Mel = Not lovers, just best pals and roomies).

6) Mel is more like a male batchelor in the comfort of her home. She's hopeless and idol when it comes to housework. She Lounges around in her undies while watching TV and eating snacks. And she has a lot of dirty habits, like butt scratching, amongst others! *is gonna get pummeled by Mel if she reads this*.

7) Mel's loves the beach. Not because she likes to sunbathe a lot (but yes), it's more because she likes to make sandcastles, eat ice cream, swim and join in with people playing games. ........ and she likes dolphins..... ...for lunch. XD

8) Finally. Mel is more tomboy in general and as a result of this, she doesn't have much interest in 'girly things' and romance. If you want to win her over, you have to learn to laugh and make a game out of ANY situation! Be spontaneous and crazy!

:la: and that's Mel! woo!
Moving on :3


:bulletred: So, ok, a few days ago i offered my skype to 'mixed attitude' macro Rpers'. By mixed i meant a bit of everything, not just love and cuddles, or destruction and death, or lust and lewd. A nice blend of all.
I know a few brilliant RPers, but, timezones kinda restrict as and when, which is fine, coz, i don't wanna RP all day everyday. But, it's a pain on those odd days when ya bored and no one is online! XD
Anyway, I expected a barrage of notes, but I barely got any. Which... is unusually weird for something like this. :XD:

:bulletyellow: E D I T E D :bulletyellow:
:police: sorry, this time i have received countless RPer requests, so, no more, please! My inbox is spammed out now. XD
sorry, but, i can't cope now, there's too many! haha! :XD: its all or nothing here!
Thank you everyone for your interest. :highfive:
Also, to everyone already in my contacts list on Skype. XD don't worry, i'm not implying you suck. haha, i still love you guys!
I'm just trying to find RPers that live in my time. XD
I prefer to RP later at night when i'm chilling in the evening, but, sadly, most americans are still at school or work at this time and Australians have already hit the hay.
XD in a sense, i need Brits or europeans, haha

If you was interested, but, late to the party, don't worry, all not all is lost though...

:bulletblue: Possible RP BONANZA!
I've been toying with the idea of opening up a forum here on DA (on set days) and having a free for all RP, where everyone is normal sized except for one of my OC's.
i just think it would be fun to include lots of people in a massive RP.
That said, i'm still working out rules and stuff, so, at the moment it's just a thought.

:p well that's about all i got today.
More art on its way..... >>; would be a lot more too, but, skype and chatting. XD so, a slow, but constant supply of art for the moment.

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  • Listening to: Streets of Rage 2: OST
  • Reading: this
  • Watching: The Grand Tour. Vikings S4. Frontier. Black Sails
  • Playing: Peggle + Walking Dead: New frontier
  • Eating: EVERYTHING.. Fat = happy! XD
  • Drinking: cheap Cherryade :3
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:iconvertical-misfit: ahoy all :D
just a random quiz coz i was bored and... well, who doesn't like doing a good quiz? :la:

1) Full Name: Vex Arcade (my real name sucks, i'm changing it ASAP XD ).
2) Male/Female: *Looks in his pants* ...Male
3) Were you named after anyone? actually yes, my middle name on my birth certificate was after my dead uncle, who i never met.
4) Does your name mean anything?: 100% AWESOME ALPHA FUZZBALL... X-5000!!!! XD Hey it might!
5) Nickname(s): V, Fuzzball, 'YOU LITTLE ****, I'M GONNA KILL YOU!
6) What do you think you look like... name wise: LEGENDARY! >>; well what else what anyone put?
7) Date Of Birth: 16/04/1985.... or, if your american 04/16/1985... coz, dates are messed up in the US. XD Small, medium, big... nope, US its medium, small, big, makes sense, well ordered yanks ;p
8) Place of Birth and Current Location: Lincoln City and Dunston (UK).
9) Nationality: British... >>; the 21st century british, not 1920's stereotype!
10) Astrology Sign: ARIES... GOD OF WAR! >x3 ...and the goat >>;
11) Chinese Astrology Sign: OX, fear mah cow rump n' horns!
12) Religion: None, but, i do yell at the sky and have an open mind to possibilities for the afterlife. >>; well com'on, there's gotta be something or else what is the point in following the rules? XD
13) Whats your favorite smell?: oo, good one...err... i dunno, fish n' chips when i'm hungry! XD
14) Political Position?: DEATH TO ALL! ...>>; the world worked perfectly well before money and politics!
15) What do you prefer to drink in the morning?: I usually start the day with a MUG of tea, but, that's only habit.
16) Hair + Eye color: Very dark brown, with a lot of grey strands. Eyes are Hazel
17) Do you look like anyone famous?: not that i'm aware of.
18) What do you look like?: Stocky/fat builder. The days of being a posing youth with a 6 pack and gelled hair are long behind me. XD
19) Any unusual talents? Besides drawing, don't think so. I used to be good at most sports, but, haven't done any for over a decade. XD
20) Righty, Lefty, or Ambidextrous?: Righty mostly, but i used to hold a rifle lefty (gave up shooting coz has intelligence and soul) and ambidextrous at shoveling. XD
21) Gay, Straight, Bi, or Other?: So straight i can't stand the sight of another penis! XD nasty!
22) What do you do for a living? Usually a builder/ groundworker, but that's not by choice, that's just all that's available... not what you know, it's who ya know and all that.
23) What do you do for fun? nothing coz i'm broke! XD haha, i guess take scenic walks, draw, watch movies and play games that challenge the mind, like chess and upwords. If i had money i'd take up motor sport and travel... >>; but, i toured america and spent more than i had! haha.
24) What are your favorite art materials to work with? 4H pencil, eraser and a piece of standard A3 copier paper.
25) What kind of materials would you like to work with? Blood, chainsaws, all good. ROFL kiddin
26) Have you met your grandparents?: I've met my great GREAT grandparent! >>; seriously, my descendants had em young. XD Got a photo somewhere with 5 generations in it.
27) Boyfriend / Girlfriend: pfft, you think i'd be here filling this in if that was the case? XD
28) Crush: do fictional characters count? haha
29) What celebrity would you date if you could? Celebrity? pfft, do i look insane? XD I'll take the hobo on the left, at least he's got a soul!
30) Current worries? asides bills, i worry that the world is regressing to a colder more racist time. Trump, Brexit, nuff said.
31) Favorite online Guy/Girl(s): I could list friends, but, i have no interest in online fads or trends.
32) Favorite place to be? That i can get to, is what we call 'The River Witham' down 'Dunston Fen Road'... basically 5 miles away from the nearest people and it's completely quiet, as well as a good spot to sit/walk and enjoy seeing wildlife like King fishers, Herons, birds of prey, deer and many others. Best part is, no one else goes there because it's a 5 mile drive to a dead end.
33) Least favorite place to be? The city... ANY CITY! >>; ergh, too many inconsiderate, simple minded, insecure sheep who can't live without TV and internet... most of which are drunk, or will be drunk by the end of the day. The ones that aren't drunk screw us over with bureaucracy and commercialism, forcing thier products and lifestyles on us. Not to mention all the litter and pollution, I'll pass!!! 
34) Do you burn or tan? I tan everywhere but my cheeks and ears... they just burn. XD that said i haven't tried down below.
35) Ever break a bone? Nope, i'm invincible! :3
36) What is your favorite cereal? Frosties or Cocopops, not that i ever have cereal.. or breakfast XD
37) Person you cry with: ........what? XD I'm supposed to cry too now?

Do You Have...
38) Any sisters: yes, 4 sadly. >>; But i only get along with one of them... that said, they're my sisters, so i'm forever running around after them. XD
39) Any brothers: Yup, 1. But he's 15 years younger than me... >> better late than never. XD
40) Any pets: Yup, Akira the Husky and my housemate Jay. >>; hey he qualifies as a pet, i gotta feed and clean up after him! Lol.
41) An Illness: Some rare disease that makes me like a mild form of wolverine... no seriously! XD
42) A Pager: a whut?
43) A Personal phone line: Yes, coz internet. Though, i dunno what the number is as i've never made a call XD.
44) A Cell phone: yup, but only for business and professional needs. Otherwise i wouldn't have one as they are for the needy and lazy. >> put the damn phone down, you're missing the world. 
45) A visible birthmark: Nope
46) A Pool or hot tub: i got a river near by and a bathtub down the hall, close enough.
47) A Car: yup, but only because of work and i decided i wanted to see more of the country. Otherwise i wouldn't bother, it's a waste of money since we have buses, taxis and trains. SAVE THE PLANET PEOPLE! X3

Describe Your...
48) Personality: eccentric, immature, spontaneous, care free, sarcastic, cunning and a goofball. But also considerate, caring and even smart when the situation calls for it. Also got a bad habit of analyzing and over thinking.... and i ramble on a lot! XD
50) Your clothing style: cheap n' cheerful. I've bought the exact same black track pants and plain, or tiger t-shirts from the same guy for the last 16 years. >> coz, cheap, comfy and i'm not brainwashed into feeling insecure about my image. 
51) Room: which one? Most of the house is filled with Tiger stuff, electronics, tools and rammal. coz, bachelor pad and who cares! XD
52) What's missing: The winning lottery ticket. :3
53) School: sore point. >>; parents denied me better education because they couldn't be bothered to sign a piece of paper! seriously! >> no cost, just sign... SIGN!!!!
54) Bed: Double with King sheets and duvet... coz, cold snuggles! :3
55) Relationship with your parent(s): HA! i believe in second chances, not 3rd, 10th, 20th, 50th, 1000th. so yeah, no more abusive parents as far as i'm concerned.

Do you...
56) Believe in yourself: i believe if given an opportunity i can excel in many fields and areas as i have done in the past countless times, but, life doesn't work like that for the poor.
57) Believe in love at first sight? I do, but, i also believe in caution now due to diving in too fast with online dating profiles! XD people be crazy.
58) Consider yourself a good listener: I enjoy hearing stories and intelligent ideas, but, i can't stand emotional people. XD Though, i'd rather listen than talk, less chance to offend and embarrass people. >>; bad habit.
59) Have a future dream that you would like to share? Get an island, get away from 21st century society and live like the days of old, before the industrial revolution! XD
60) Have any family plans? As in kids? pfft, yeah, like i have the money to support a family. And even if i did, i wouldn't want a kid to grow up in this world, it's cold and cruel.
61) Save your e-mail conversations: WTF? seriously, people do this?
62) Pray: to what? A god that allows suffering and the death of innocent children and animals? No thanks.
63) Believe in reincarnation: Not particularly, nice idea i guess, but let me pick what i come back as! XD
64) Brush your teeth twice a day? No because i paid attention in science class! FYI, never had tooth ache, fillings, cavities or bad breath, now who's stupid?! Again, enjoy your insecurities! :3
65) Like to talk on the phone: Heck no, the door is always open. Stop being a lazy jerk and come visit! If not, well, it ain't important then, is it? Tell me next time we see each other. :3
66) Like to eat? Heck yes! ...fav food, home made Lasagne or fish n' chips.
67) Like to exercise? I enjoy a walk, but i'm not interested in the pursuit of fitness and long life. Gimme the cake, i'll die happy tomorrow!
68) Like to watch sports? Watch random strangers play a game while other random strangers fight over the result? Don't be stupid! XD I'll join in, but i'm not watching.
69) Sing in the car? I sing everywhere! :3
70) Dream the same dream? My dreams change every night.
71) Dream in color: duh
72) Do you have nightmares? Occasionally, usually when life is screwing me, same as everyone else. I'm always being chased or protecting other people that are being chased... wierd.
73) Sleep with a stuffed animal?  XD not ever as far as i'm aware. Do people actually do that? 

What is...
74) Right next to you now: err... Walls, desk, door, pencil, PC... chair? >>; i guess that would be more exciting if i was out somewhere using a tablet? *shrugs*
75) On your favorite cup/mug? King of Destruction. >>; it's in the shape of DIY tools and materials.
76) On your mouse pad: Mouse pad?! People still use old rollerball mice? My mouse is almost 12 years old and it's still a lazer mouse. >>; weird, and i thought i was outdated.
77) Your favorite flavor of gum? There's more than one flavor? >>; i don't eat gum. I thought that was for little kiddies to blow bubbles with. Plus all it does is make you hungry, since you can't swallow it.
78) Your brand of deodorant? ..............seriously? XD Who would want to know that? And who would be so shallow that they care about this stuff? WTF? HAHA!
79) Your dream honeymoon spot: XD f**k off! This is getting stupid now.
80) Your dream husband/wife: Dream? so, macros count? XD I don't actually get marriage, why do we need a piece of paper and a ring to say we love each other? Crazy insecure people again.
81) Hiding in your closet? I don't have a closet, or drawers, or a wardrobe. XD
82) Under your bed: random boxes with old books, electronics and junk that i never unpacked 6 years ago when i moved into this house.
83) The name of one of your closest/best friends? In the words of a wise robut ''A friend is an enemy who hasn't betrayed you yet''. XD
84) Your bad time of the day: Any time that involves me getting out of bed at a time my body isn't ready to wake up! XD
85) Your worst fear(s)? worst fear, so, does a swarm of invincible human sized spiders count?
86) What's the weather like: Britain, so, cloudy with rain. SUPRISE!
87) Your favorite time of year? Autumn, because colours, cooler weather, harvest season, yadda yadda, the usual reasons. 
88) Your favorite holiday? Halloween! ...though, the british seem to be anti halloween in general and ruin it with christmas talk and shops putting up decorations 2 months early! 
89) A material weakness? Nothing has that much value to me, i can live without pretty much anything but food, water and shelter. 
90) The weirdest food or drink that you like: Weirdest? hmm... i dunno, i'm considered boring when it comes to my food choices. Cheap n' cheerful, quantity not quality. XD
91) At the top of your "to-do list"? Destroy society and regress the world to a more primitive state! XD Survival of the fittest and most cunning!
92) The hardest thing about growing up: Knowing that you entire life will be based upon the dumb decisions you make at your most stupid, inexperienced and vulnerable age. >>; lets let the 16 year old kids make the important decisions, great thinking society! >>; oi vey 
93) A pet peeve? A pet what? *googles* ok, wasn't expecting it to mean that. So, 'what i find ANNOYING' is ignorance, inconsideration, racism and capitalism and people who think getting drunk is 'a good way to spend a night'.
94) Your scariest moment: Walking the dog at night in the countryside after watching 'The Grey'... imagination is a bitch! XD
95) Your attitude about love? It blinds you until it hurts you... but you'll do it all again and again.
96) The funniest or most desperate thing you've done to get the attention of the opposite sex? Honestly i've never tried beyond asking. XD don't get me wrong, i show off and get hurt all the time, but not to get a GF or impress girls, it's usually just for a laugh.
97) The worst feeling in the world: Waking up for work and remembering you have another 30-50 years of this BS because you wasn't born into money or got lucky with the lottery.
98) The best feeling in the world: i was gonna say love, but, actually, it's that feeling of relief after holding in a p*ss for a long time and finally getting to the toilet! XD

99) Who sent this to you? No one, i snagged it coz i was bored.
100) what are you gonna do now? Probably sleep as it's almost 2am and this took WAY longer than i thought it would... time flies @_@

:D well, thats that.
:XD: yes i'm mostly a crazy grouch who doesn't keep up with commercialisation, sue me for being different!
Boredom is a dangerous thing! 
:la: keep distracting yourselves people! seeya soon!

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  • Listening to: Sonic 3 + knuckles OST
  • Reading: this
  • Watching: The Grand Tour. Vikings S4. Frontier.
  • Playing: Peggle + Walking Dead: New frontier
  • Eating: EVERYTHING.. Fat = happy! XD
  • Drinking: Pepsi MAX.
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:iconvertical-misfit: ahoy all :D

:XD: ok, that last journal was a million miles long and screwing up my front page, so, here's a random quickie for ya ;p

:bulletred: Err, i got no money, no job and probably gonna be in massive dept soon as a result, so, if my art slows down or stops, its because i'm depressed, or dead, or, planning mass genocide :la:

:bulletpink: also, i've noticed few people comment on the MLP pics. XD haters!
You don't have to be an obsessive brony to enjoy a fun tv show! Even i'm watching it now and i swore i never would! >> mainly because of the previous shows and having 4 sisters tormenting me with them as a kid..... *shudders*
XD regardless, i gave it a whirl and some episodes and characters are awesome!

:bulletblue: skype.
i'll probably regret this, but, are there any macro RPers out there who have a balanced view on macro life.
what i mean is, you're not super nice all the time, or, psychotically evil or just sex sex sex.
>> be nice to meet a macro who is 'normal' and does a bit of everything and isn't offended by anything.
nothing worse than someone having a hissy fit because ya flattened them or ate someone, or, stuffed them somewhere inappropriate or comical. :D
:XD: seriously though, if your are extremely emotional, or, obsessive and want to RP every time i come on skype, then, keep quiet! I only RP now and then, not everyday, not every week.
Just occasionally its fun, the rest of the time, i want people who have normal conversations about normal stuff. >>; i'm not a RP machine!
Also, i don't chat much if i'm drawing and i don't come online every day of the week ;p
If you are genuinely interested and not a crazy fan/stalker, note me!

Watch these shows, they are brilliant!
Black Sails.
The Grand Tour.
The Adventures of Puss in Boots.
The Croods series.
Turbo Fast.
yes, they are all Amazon and Netflix...... >>; i don't have TV, sky or cable.

Also, the new starwars, Rogue one, pretty good. Downside is, you know everyone will die because of it being a prequel/sequel, before this, after that...... yeah, side story, whatever. Point is, they die and we knew they would.
XD that said, Vader is pretty awesome at the end!

:la: seeya soon!

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  • Listening to: Sonic 3 + knuckles OST
  • Reading: this
  • Watching: The Grand Tour. Vikings S4. Frontier.
  • Playing: Peggle + Walking Dead: New frontier
  • Eating: EVERYTHING.. Fat = happy! XD
  • Drinking: Pepsi MAX.
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:iconvertical-misfit: ahoy all :D

ok, first up, IN YO FACE SUCKAHS! :p I have completed one of my new year's resolutions. I've drawn more than 6 pics this year, woo!!!! :la:

.......moving along


Everyone either wants to be a popular artist or hates being popular, either way, no one's happy! XD

Popular people suffer:
* Demanding Fans. ''Gimme a pic, your should draw this, do that''. GO AWAY! >___<
* Constant pressure of demand. If you stop drawing, people will soon forget you, so, you HAVE TO KEEP DRAWING! @_@ 
* You find yourself giving in to weakness and wanting to draw to impress, instead of drawing for your own enjoyment.
* Fans will expect more and more. Livestream, requests, blogs, this website, that forum, more more more, your life is theirs now.
* Annoying unimaginative comments. ''Well done''. ''i want to see more of her''. ''i like the lighting you used''. >> guhhhhh... mindless drones. 
* Hurtful and ungrateful comments. ''WTF?!'' ''WHY?'' ''You got that tiny detail wrong on that free pic you just spent the day drawing for me, that you didn't have to do, you just did it out of the kindness of heart... ITS WRONG, THAT SPECK, I HATE YOU''. (seriously, people are f-ing ungrateful and particular).
* You become a tool for the fans. Once they have what they want, or realise they can't get what they want, they ditch you. NO LOYALTY HERE.
* Awkward comments. ''hello friend''. ''can we be friends''. ''thats offensive to people on the planet Splargnarg and thier religion'' <--- how was i supposed to know?! >_<
* Ignorant fans. FOR THE LOVE OF BOOBS, please, read the artist's description first to see if that question your gonna ask is ALREADY answered!!!
* Cold, uncaring, empty fans. You have thousands of demanding fans that you give all your free time too, even putting your family and friends aside to work for the fans..... but, the fans that never care enough to just say a simple ''merry christmas'' or ''are you ok, you've been quiet as of late''.
* You intimidate everyone. You don't want to, but, because people have feeble minds, as soon as you become popular, people stop drawing you gifts and fanart for fear of being judged by everyone else and you yourself. They forget that you are human and you too occasionally need a 'pick me up'.
* You end up alone in the end. fun fun fun

:bulletyellow: so yeah, being popular is depressing! :XD:
My advice: Aim to be a happy artist and not a popular one!!! SCREW PRESSURE AND CRAZY FANS! :nuu:

:D So, if you want to be a happy and/or good artist, here's some tips, opinions and food for thought i've come up with: (Bare in mind also, none of this is guaranteed to help you. It's just what i've learned from either my own experience or from watching other artists and hearing thier stories. Think of the following 'points' as more of an opinion, than top tips. :XD: in other words, don't get growly at me if you disagree or disapprove. I'm just sharing my thoughts and experiences, i'm not trying to be ya teacher! :spank: ... :p But if it helps, ya welcome :la: ).

*  HAPPY ENVIROMENT. If your life is in a low spot, or, if you're in a house or location that makes you feel miserable, then you're not gonna be at your best or in a good mindset to draw with all your heart and effort. So, if you're feeling down or worried about life's problems, my advice is avoid drawing as you'll end up with your mind wandering away from the pic and dwelling on the turmoil of your lifes current predicament. That said, other people find drawing therapeutic, so, if that's the case, then draw. XD

* RELAX! Go to your happy place, play a game, watch a show, have a snack, chat to some buddies. Just get chilled out before you even think about drawing.

* WISHFUL THINKING. Don't look at or think about anyone else's art. If you start thinking 'i wish i could draw like her' or 'i wanna draw in this guys style', IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN! You're you, they're them.
Draw what comes natural to you. Focus on what you can do and work with it to develop that style, even if YOU think it sucks now. Trust me, it will get better! Plus, there are probably people out there already who think your style is the best. You'll never be happy or progress while trying to be someone else. XD i know someone who i personally think is amazing and i know he's a better artist than me, BUT, few people acknowledge his art and he has zero self confidence, plus he's always pulling himself down. IT DRIVES ME CRAZY! He's amazing! (not saying who, but, if he see's this, he will know).

* WORRIES. Stop caring about what others might think. Good artists were beginners once! They understand it takes time for the development of skills AND even the best artists still have infinite room for progression. Also, everyone progresses at different rates. Some are born with natural talent and it develops quickly, others have to work for it. 
Critiques who don't/can't draw are just cynical out of petty jealousy, they don't matter, ignore them. They will troll you even if you do well!
Don't feel shame, if you wanna draw boobs, draw boobs! It doesn't matter what you draw, someone will ALWAYS be displeased, either by content, style or method. You can't please everyone, so don't even think about trying!

* FORESIGHT. Don't think too hard on the potential finished picture. 90% of the time, a picture never ends up like the original inspired idea. Go with the flow, don't focus too hard on a single idea.
I often think up one idea, but then a simple struggle of limb position, or, just adding something else into the pic on a whim, can make a HUGE change to the way picture ends up looking.
It's good to have a rough plan/idea, but don't obsess with trying to accomplish it. Be flexible and open to change. (unless its a commission, in which case, good luck! XD ).

* CONCENTRATION. If you're trying something new, be it a new style or using a new tool, maybe even drawing something you've never attempted before, like a realistic landscape or it's a first time drawing anime. It's better to keep focused and avoid distraction. Try to keep cool and calm, and keep positive and stick at it. The second you start to doubt yourself, the picture is doomed to fail. No one gets it right first time, practice makes perfect.
However, if you're drawing something you're used to drawing, then goof off, slap some loud music on, chat to buddies and enjoy it, woo!

* EXPERIENCE. Practice drawing 'different things'. Don't just draw anime, or just cars, or just pokemon, or whatever. Mix it up, you'll develop a wider set of skills and drawing techniques that will help define your own style. Memory plays a huge part in drawing. If all you've drawn is say 'Sonic the hedgehog OC's', then everything new you try to draw will look 'sonic' instead of what you're aiming for and you'll struggle to break free of that single style.
There are a lot of amazing artists who draw amazing pictures, but, when you compare thier old pics to new, there isn't much difference. The coloring often improves, but the base drawings barely change. People get stuck in set styles and this limits thier creativity.

* LONG BREAKS. NO! I don't mean go get a coffee, but yes, do that anyway XD. What i actually mean is, forget drawing for a few months, or even a year. Completely forget about doing any drawing, at all! You'll hopefully come back a different person with a different attitude, likes and desires. Time changes us all, it's an excellent way to break free of 'style ruts'. This may not help everyone, but, it's worked wonders for me. I've never practiced, i've just taken long breaks. XD Usually as a result of life's ups and downs, but, whatever, it's worked.

* MUSIC. Play some music to set a mood for the pic. I LOVE metal and rock, but, if i'm drawing say a 'caring love scene', i tend to sway more towards Phil collins and bryan adams. If i'm drawing comedy and humour, then scatman and bigbutts. Drawing an action scene? Then, slap the rock back on!
This isn't a guarantee for better pics, but, it helps set a mood and it can't hurt to try right? :3

*TRYING TO REPLICATE THINGS. Draw a tiger from a book. Draw the view from your window. Just get your hand used to drawing different things. Again, memory applies to hand movements. There are so many good artists that are stuck drawing what are 'essentially' recolors of other characters they've drawn with a different hair cut. (i could list a few examples, but i don't wanna upset anyone). 

* USING BASES AND TRACING. I'll be honest, i'm not a fan of people using 'bases', editing it to look like thier own character and then saying ''look what i've drawn''.
That said, i do approve of people doing this as a practice technique. It helps your wrist and fingers get used to drawing in set motions, shapes, curves and lines. So, for that, i approve. But just remember, if you must submit it online for all to see, don't forget to say ''i used a base'' and credit the original artist. We can tell you used a base because the picture looks completely out of your normal style. It's like putting a red ball in a blue ball pit, Its stands out by miles! Plus, a lot of people will recognise it as a base and they will get 'snappy' with you, calling you a thief and a rip off. :XD: people do this, i'm just saying!
Please credit the original artist and state it's an edit of a base, it will save a lot of pointless falling out.

* COLORING. You may draw a sketch and think 'ok, that looks terrible'. My advice, color it anyway! Often the worst drawings can turn out looking amazing if you throw some colour at them. Some people can draw amazing pictures, but fail to color well and thier art gets less appreciation than it deserves. Whereas some artists draw terrible pictures, but their amazing coloring skills masks how bad they are at drawing.
If you find your are better at drawing and don't like coloring, keep to sketches and inked pictures, but try adding as much detail as you can to make it stand out.
If you are better at coloring, i hate you. XD haha, kiddin. If you're better at coloring, try spending more time focusing on anatomy and detail. 'should that hand be as big as that arm?' simple things, just think a little more. Spend a bit more time observing. I got told once that drawing involves 80% of the time spent in observation, and 20% actually physically drawing. :3

* MONEY MAKING. Personally i find drawing on demand a ball ache and tedious, thus, misery. It's not drawing true to myself or my inspiration, so, i avoid it to prevent my hobby becoming more like a job and chore. BUT, don't get me wrong. Some people can draw on demand without it bothering them. If this potential money making artist is you, commissions are the best place to start. Patreon comes later once you have a large enough following. But don't forget, if your art becomes high demand, don't get lost and lose sight of what's important. No one likes a sell out.
And don't forget, to make money from drawing, you have to draw what 'THEY WANT', so, make sure you have a diversity of art and styles to entice a larger client base. ...>>; or draw boobs. XD
Also for those who are thinking about making money from art, but unsure if its gonna pay, well, I'm afraid it's pot luck! One day your art might be mainstream, the next you sat wondering why you bother.
I know an artist who has millions of views and thousands of watchers and he barely makes 200 bucks a month on patreon. I won't say who out of respect to the guy, but, seriously, i'd guess most of you would already know of him and you'd be shocked knowing this is all he makes.
You have got to be really committed and have a LOT of time to draw and promote your drawings to make money. >>; or you could just stack some blocks on a pallet, or draw a can of soup and sell it for half a million at some eccentric art auction for rich nutters... THAT'S ACTUALLY HAPPENED AND KEEPS HAPPENING!!! XD All you need is the ability to talk BS about your art!
If money is all you want and you're not bothered about what you draw, then, duh, draw porn and boobs! XD

* COMPETITION. It's not a contest. No one cares who is best because NO ONE is best when it comes to art. Some people like digital cartoons, some people like the Mona Lisa, some people like a stack of blocks on a pallet. XD you can't be the best because everyone likes something different!
I personally like :devAkatsukiShiranui-Fox: the best as i just love his cartoony style, it's perfect. (ya welcome buddy XD ).
There are some really absolutely amazing painters and digital artists out there, but, personally, i've no interest in that. I like fun, simple and cartoony, but that's just me.
There are people out there who like all that religious DaVinci stuff, who probably wouldn't approve of my art, but, that's life! EVERYONE likes different things, so, stop pressuring yourself, there are no winners or losers when it comes to art.  ( >>; but yes, making a few million bucks for a picture would be nice, haha )

* FEED YOUR IMAGINATION AND MIND. Read books. Go out and see new sights and explore. Play games with 'creative monsters and landscapes', watch movies. Imagination is developed by memories. The more you experience and see, the more you can imagine! Keep letting your mind wander, feed that creativity! Don't let your mind get dull watching reality TV and playing the same old games repetitively. Facts are good to know, but don't let reality restrict your thoughts. Feeding a smart mind isn't the same as feeding a creative mind. Nothing new coming in, nothing new going out! let your mind explode with color and endless ideas, don't let it become that scientifically accurate dull grey box. (that said, DON'T BE DUMB EITHER! Get your head down! XD )

* DRAW YOUR WAY! I personally start with the eyes, then the rest follows, if i struggle, i look for a reference, be it another pic or just looking at myself in a mirror (i do that alot with hands XD ).
Others use stickmen, shapes and rulers as a guide. Some just quickly scribble and slash and it all comes together. Do what works for you!!! There is no set method!

* STOP TRYING TO IMPRESS! Fun fact, i'm from the british midlands. Anyone who knows britain will know that we midlanders are lazy. ''It'll do, near enough, a blind man will be pleased to see it''. We get things to a reasonable standard and then think ''f*ck-it, that's good enough''. :XD: i dunno why, but, that's what we all do here.
I don't try to impress with my art. I draw pics to lure in a few fun comments to make my day. Once the pic gets to a certain standard, i think 'near enough, that'll do' then slap it on DA. I could do better, i could try A LOT harder, especially on the backgrounds, but, who cares! It's good enough as it is, it brings in the comments, i'm happy.
Now if i was drawing for a gallery, sure, i'd spend weeks on a picture, i'd want to impress and show what i can really do. But, i'm not and i don't because that requires too much time, work and effort. And that's not what i enjoy or what i want from art. A humorous response is all i need, impressing people/strangers isn't. 

* DETERMINATION. If you're not from the british midlands, you probably have a more determined attitude towards progression.
Some artists may strive to be better and want helpful criticism, over daft piss take, banter and humour. If this is the case, keep on soldiering in, practice makes perfect. Just remember, people are fickle. Positive feedback isn't always honest and can hamper your progress.
example: someone might say 'the shading looks fine'' when they actually think it sucks, but they just don't want to offend or upset you. It's nice, but, this won't help you improve. If you are adamant about improvement, find yourself some honest, blunt, but considerate people for thier opinions. It often pays to get some proper criticism, even if it sounds a little nasty and harsh. Don't let it deter you, take heed
and use the advice!
The honest critiques usually start out with a positive response, followed by a tip.
example: 'oo, i love her hair... but, it looks a little lifeless. Perhaps if you added a little darker shading and a few finer strands, it would bring more life and realism to it''
Now you have something to work with and improve on.
Where as ''it looks wonderful, keep it up'' does not help at all.
XD but also, if you are giving crits, just remember the age and how sensitive the person is you are criticising! Toddlers need happy encouragement! ;p

all that summarized into one quick sentence.
it's art, there is no failing, just your own doubts! :3 Think positive and keep trying!

so yeah, again, all that is just my experience and thoughts. Use it, don't use it, i'm not bothered :XD: Again, i just draw to get stupid comments and meet people as crazy as me.
But, since DA an art forum, i thought i'd be helpful and offer a genuine opinion for a change. XD Don't bitch at me if you're unhappy with anything i've said in this journal! It's not meant to be LAW, it's just opinions and food for thought!

and now back to the stupid! :stupidme:
:la: seeya soon!

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  • Reading: Sat Nav, Maps and Signs @__@
  • Watching: Commercials with pieces of programs between! :p
  • Playing: Nnnnnnothin!
  • Eating: Grease, glob and slop
  • Drinking: Watered down coke -___-
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:iconvertical-misfit: ...:cries: I just wanna go home!

:XD: so I'm sat here in my hotel, back in NY once again and just 10 hours away from my final flight home... AWAY FROM THIS CAPITOLISTIC NIGHTMARE!!! :nuu:
:p land of the free, my ass!

:D haha, so yeah, holiday highlights!
:bulletblue: Bryce canyon was definitely my fav day! So much too see and admire! Even if it hailed with thunder and lightning after lunch! The views were awesome, better than the grand canyon!
The grand canyon is impressively huge, but no where near a nice or interesting as Bryce canyon!

:bulletred: top of the empire state building, at night!
Totally awesome, looking down on endless city lights make it a fantastic sight!

:bulletblue: crazy horse!
XD when makershy and I arrived there, we didn't really know anything about it.  It was just a quick stop on the way to mount Rushmore.
Little did we know that it would completely over shadow mount Rushmore in both scale and back story! I hope its completed before I die, it would be worth seeing again!

:bulletred: udvar hazy center of air and space!
Totally free to enter... In the US! FREE!?
XD that alone makes it a wonder! Haha, but seriously though, if you like planes, its a must see before you die!!!

:bulletyellow: over all, all the major sights and tourist destinations were kinda disappointing and ruined by Americas obsession with terrorism safety precautions and capitalism!
However, that said, if you just drive and wander around, you'll eventually find your self enjoying those simple little forgotten attractions, like ghost towns, diners and Indian/cowboy themed towns and experiences.

:XD: and yeah, I know, I'm a country boy, so, obviously I'm not gonna praise any of the cities because I'm used to calm happy concidersate people and those green things called plants! But what I will say is, LA is bar far, the worst city I have visited! Haha, the roads are rough as hell, the drivers all seem to have a death wish AND its like no one knows what a trash can is! ...and hobos! So many hobos!!! XD
On the upside, the people in LA have the luxury of better vacations... And by that I mean, no matter where they go on vacation, it will seem awesome by comparison! :lmao:

:bulletblue: I didn't find a steak big enough to appease mah mighty stomach! XD
Though, we struggled to find anything that wasn't a chain/ franchise resturant.
A couple of places were we good. Black 'someone's saloon wax good. Forgot the name XD. But they had all the waiters sing and a had tonnes of western themed stuff on the walls, it was kinda cool!
Also the road kill cafe, on the historic route 66 to Vegas from seligman. That was awesome! Bright fun friendly place with loads of gimics and a fun menu!
And finally, the captains bar in south Dakota... It was quiet, tacky and kinda dark, BUT... makershy had his best fish ever for dinner and we got served by the cutest red haired Texas girl ever! >>; Texas red heads rock!!!

:XD: so all that's left to do now is wait around for the plane, while watching awesome American over commercialised TV, woo!
Buy our new miracle drug, it could help you... Or kill you in 20 different agonizingly painful ways... ... do these people sell these things?! :noes:

XD anyway, yeah, I can't wait to get home. You can say we Brits are evil, but at least our food isn't filled with chemicals, our hospitals are FREE, our gas stations trust us not to drive off, no one carries a gun, gang violence is minimal, there's like 2 murders a year in the entire country and most of those are by tourists or immigrants! Also none of our attractions falsely boast 'world famous' and offer engine grease as food! Our roads dont create crashes by having a thousand lanes to cross every junction. Our cars arent all mentally retatrded autos, we have gears, that make driving more fun, and more control.. And less fuel consumption... And make passing peope faster!!! ...oh! And we have these things called 'sign posts'. They come in handy when you're not local! :XD: I could keep listing stuff, but, no life has the free time to read all of the list!

Haha, its not all bad! I found a lot of things awesome in America!
Overall I'd say 70% good, 20% bad and... 10% insanity beyond comprehension!

:la: I need a cup of Tetley tea and some propper ENGLISH fish n' chips, stat!
:lmao: haha, seeya soon, take care!! :highfive:


:star: FAT VEX CONTEST! :star:

I came back LIGHTER than when i left! shock! :noes: all those cheeseburgers for nothin! Nuuu :nuu:

:XD: anyway, i weigh: 242.2lbs / 109.8kg / 17.3stone now! :turbopoke:

so the closest guess was... *drum roll plz*

:spotlight-left: :iconthunderstar01: :spotlight-right: with his guess of 110kg!

:p no runners up, doors will close shortly and the hounds will be released! :shakefish:

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  • Listening to: Probably Queen. >> darn you Wade!
  • Reading: Sat Nav, Maps and Signs @__@
  • Watching: Batman Vs Superman. Meh, it's iffy, but ok
  • Playing: Charlie Murder! YEAHHHHHHHH!!!
  • Eating: It's america, so cheese on everything! :3
  • Drinking: >> not mah Tetley tea, that's for sure.
 photo DA USA top_zpsekze8aor.jpg

:iconvertical-misfit: WOO! HOLIDAY EXCITEMENT! :la:

:D first up, i hope everyone is doing ok!
Ok, well that tour around america i was planning at the beginning of the year has finally come around.... WOO! XD
So, as of Monday i will 'barely' be around for a month as i'll be sightseeing, eating, meeting peoples and doing random stuff in the US... >>; mostly driving.
Anyway, i'll do my best to check in during the nights, as long as whatever hotels i'm in at the time have some form of Wifi. But, if not, everyone take care until i return... ;p and then continue to take care, just, with me around too, haha!

Anyway, don't read the list below and think 'you rich b*stard!'
:XD: i just wanna say dispite all the work i do, i'm always running on empty! I had to take out a frickin loan to do this trip! I gotta spend the next 5 years paying it off! :lmao:
Its a once in a lifetime thing, so, woo! Hopefully worth it!
XD also there's not gonna be a lot of relaxing and taking it easy. Most of it is going to be 'we're here, seen it, move on! MUSH!'
Heh, hey i got a limited window of 26 days, i gotta see and do all i can in that time! :3


So, where am i going?
Well, roughly in order:
- New York City: statue of liberty, Chrysler building, empire state building, Natural history museum, brooklyn bridge, madison square garden + others.

- Washington DC: Smithsonian museum, White house, lincoln monument, Udvar-Hazy center Air + Space.

- Niagara Falls/ Buffalo.

- Denver (get hire car + Aussie Pony hitchhiker/ makershy ).

- Mount Rushmore. (gonna go see lady Tsunade... right? XD )

- Yellowstone Park: Old Faithful Geyser, Yellowstone Canyon falls, wrestle a bear or wolf.

- Salt Lake City: Mormon Cathedral.

- Bryce Canyon: Bryce Canyon Hoodoos.

- Monument Valley.

- Grand Canyon.

- Historic Route 66 (the bit from disney's Cars).

- Hoover Dam.

- Las Vegas: Stratosphere, Vegas Blvd.

- Los Angeles: Griffith Observatory, LA science museum/Endeavor space shuttle, Peterson automotive museum, Santa Monica Beach, Universal studios, hollywood sign + others.

- Yosemite Falls.

- San Francisco: Muir Woods (redwoods), Golden gate bridge, Alcatraz Island.

:p i got a lot of other attractions and stuff booked between, these are just the main 'must see' things.
I also have a bunch of people to meet from DA, though, i can't promise i'll get to see all of you. ^^; i'll do my best, but, i gotta stay with the planned timetable as best as i can.

My main regret is not hiring a car from when i leave New York. >> I would have liked to have tried a REAL Chicago town pizza, but, that would mean 4 more days of 6 hour drives, so, had to pass on that one.
Also disneyland and universal in florida would have been good, but then, major detour, plus it's a tourist trap and i hate crowds! XD
There's a few other things i would have liked to have seen too, but, limited time and too far apart from the really important stops. >> no over the top texas hat for me, nuuu! :nuu:

@_@ america is soooo frickin big, it took ages planning the best routes, roads, pit stops and attractions, not to mention hotels and places to eat.
I mean, most destinations are days apart... well, not days, a trucker could drive them. XD i'm on holiday so no more than 6 hours driving a day!

Also it was kinda fun putting the entire trip together. I found many amusing places along the routes, like the flintstones park and a town dedicated to a guy i thought was made up. >>; Apparently buffalo bill is a real guy, not just a movie character, go figure. :p
XD My fav location i found by accident was a ranch called 'Crazy cat lady ranch'. Haha, it's not an attraction, just some strange named farm on route.

so, yeah, it should be awesome! .....>>; assuming all goes to plan and no New Yorkers mug me ;p

.....oh, one last thing.
XD americans are kinda hermits. Haha, no offence meant! Its just, everyone i've spoken to on DA and skype who is from america, has very limited knowledge of anything past thier own back door.
I've asked many people about locations and roads, heck even stuff near them! But none of them seem to know a great deal, what's up with that? ;p
I get that america is big, but, surely I can't be the only one who wants to explore it? XD you live there, you don't have to waste thousands on flights, so go for it, be free!!! :la:

:bulletred: right, i'm rambling on as always.
XD in short, as of monday the 2nd i'm in america and i won't be back until sat 28th... if all goes well.
:shakefish: and NO! My house won't be empty, the mutt and roommate will still be there and there are swords on hand! So, no burglarising me!

:D i'll still be around all this weekend, hopefully one more completed pic, or, a couple of sketches to upload. But otherwise, SEEYA IN AMERICA... or back in England in June! :w00t:
:highfive: Take care everyone! 


:bulletyellow: E D I T

Totally forgot!
not just america, but everyone on the planet!


Well, i'm at Yellowstone Park on 'Friday the 13th'. BAD OMEN!
You've seen the 2012 movie, right? Well, yeah, thats me that starts that >> only, 2016 instead........ i over slept! :p

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  • Reading: *Edna Krabappel* HA!
  • Watching: Zootropolis! TRY EVERYTHING! x3
  • Playing: Borderlands. First game sucks compared to 2.
  • Eating: Grilled Cheese! X3
  • Drinking: Mug of tea... mmm... sugary @__@
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:iconvertical-misfit: Hey all! :la: HAPPY EASTER!

:bulletorange: First up, I'M ALIVE! XD last week i was all lurgyfied with a cruddy cold so i was almost completely inactive. >> mah brain was mush... or, mushier than normal XD.

I watched Zootropolis yesterday (finally got the UK). :la: WOO! BEST FILM SO FAR THIS YEAR!
>> and yes that includes that crappy deadpool film, ergh, terrible! *punches Ryan Reynolds* :shakefish: worst film ever! ...well, except for maybe Scot pilgram and Kickass, BUT THEN IT'S THE WORST! :p

anyway, yeah, rambling on.


:star::spotlight-left: VEX IS 20 YEARS OLD! :spotlight-right::star:
XD kinda typical that pokemon would ruin his thunder with its 20th birthday too. nevermind!

facts and info about Vex:
* I originally drew Vex when i was 11! (The very first pic is the one on the left at the bottom of this journal).

* Vex is an Arctic Fox. Though originally he was meant to be a 'fennec fox', hence the large ears. BUT, whilst drawing him, i was also drawing 2 other random new characters on the same picture. A polar Bear called 'Big Ben' and a pet seal pup called 'Club Head'. By coincidence and without planning, they was all arctic animals, so, i decided to colour Vex white to match the team.
Sadly i never drew Ben and Club Head ever again.

* Vex was originally called 'Arctix'. When i was 18 i changed his name to Arcade, after searching for alternate words meaning 'showoff/showy'. Eventually he became 'Vex Arcade' after again searching for alternate words, this time it was 'annoy'. (Buy a Thesaurus kids, they are extremely useful!!!).

* Unlike most OC's these days, Vex wasn't created to be a fan character or to be used for an online profile.
As young kids, my friends and i used to run around the woods and hills, pretending to be 'Sonic the hedgehog'. Only, back then there was only 3 Official characters to choose from, so my friends and i started making our own OC's so that we could all play without being a bad guy. XD
Vex wasn't my first OC, but, he is the one that has stuck with me all these years.

* I have kept EVERY single picture of Vex i have ever drawn.
Looking through all the pictures, you can see the kind of lifestyles and attitudes had had at different times of my life.
The pictures really show how life has changed me and my attitude! From a playful curious kid who was trying to be cool. To a showoff-teen filled with rebellion and hate. To an adult with a more open mind and relaxed attitude... and a little pervy, haha! The good times and dark times are plain to see!

* Vex went almost 5 years before he wore anything beyond a pair of sneakers! He started to Wear trackpants during my mid teens.
By the time i was 18, Vex was kitted out with pads, shades, a jacket and over the top sneakers with HUGE tongues.
Eventually, as i became more relaxed in life, so did Vex. Now his outfit is a simple vest and pair of baggy track pants, with gloves and a headband.

* Vex started out as a typical child 'hero' character, saving the day.
Then during darker teenage years, he became an all powerful, rogue, demon/god slayer with a bad attitude.
Now he's just my ideal freedom. So 'overpowered' that power no longer matters, he's all about chilling out and having fun with friends, while chomping' on cookies!

* The only consistency through all the years of Vex, besides his being white is: He's always been drawn doing extreme sports, mostly snowboarding. Though, recent years he's had little chance between dodging giant ladies... it's the new extreme sport! XD
The reason why he's always snowboarding is its a long lifetime dream of mine to have a go! Sadly the opportunity hasn't arisen yet... .. monies >>;;;

*Vex's design became a lot simpler and basic after i started trying to create an animation called 'FuzzballZ'. I simplified his design to make him easier to animate, which then affected the way i drew him from then on. Unfortunately i never fully animated or completed the series since time and money were an issue.

* Vex is a reflection of myself. He's been with me now for 20 years and i can't let go of him no matter how hard i try... and i have tried, haha!
Life without drawing Vex would seem strange to me.
I don't think i would still be drawing were it not for Vex. Vex brings humour and people into my life, he's the best thing that i ever created!
Strangely enough; Vex is all i want to be, i envy him. But that said, i don't actually like the way he looks. haha, weird? I know, it's hard to explain. I guess i'm just used to drawing Vex a set way, so i'm stuck in a rut. Drawing him is 2nd nature to me now and i think changing his appearance too drastically would be like creating something new and losing who and what he is.
So other than the odd crazy new hair cut and tweak to the outfit, he's always going to be a black and white fox with stupid hair and oversized ears! ;p

So yeah, thats 20 years of an OC! Few people can say that! :nana:
I think the key to keeping an OC is don't over play it. Take breaks. If you draw it all the time, every week, you'll get bored and move on.
:3 Here's hoping i can continue to draw Vex for another 30 years and hit the BIG 5 O! *next week breaks his hand with hammer at work* ...XD hey it could happen, i've probably jinxed myself now! :rofl:

:highfive: take care everyone, seeya soon! :la:

(below: a lot more versions of Vex have been drawn, these are just the milestones).

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  • Reading: *Edna Krabappel* HA!
  • Watching: Totally not MLP.... ... ... *runs*
  • Playing: Mine craft story mode, ep. 3 + 4
  • Eating: Ginger nuts... COOKIES! XD not guys parts
  • Drinking: Mug of tea... mmm... sugary @__@
 photo DA header bottom_zpsdxu1mvt5.jpg

:iconvertical-misfit: Hey everyone! :la:

How's the new year going so far?
XD mines been shite! Car broke twice already... >> 2nd time totally not my fault >>;;;;;;;;;;; *poured antifreeze in power steering by accident* ...IT WAS DARK AND I WAS IN A RUSH BECAUSE HAD PEOPLE FLYING BY AT 70MPH AND I DIDN'T WANNA GET SPLATTERED!!!!!
My dog has sniffed something up her nose and now needs to be sedated so the vet can snoop around.
My biggest contractor for work has just had his BRAND NEW isuzu truck stolen, with the new tipper trailer hitched up. So he's now giving up work and ending all the work i had lined up for spring, yey -__- good start to the year.

so... yeah, so far, its not been dull. :XD:

anyway, some cute blue booby dragon tagged me ( :iconalexbluez: ), so, ENGAGE TAGGEDNESS!


1. You must post the rules.
2. Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves
3. Answer the 10 questions asked by whoever tagged you
4. Choose 10 people and get their icon tagged in your journal
5. You have to legitimately tag 10 people
6. No tag backs
7. You must tag 10 people; you can't say that you don't tag others (I DEFY YOU RULE! :evillaugh: )
8. You MUST make a journal entry

Alright, here are some facts about myself so listen closely:

1. I am Builder... not by choice, life dealt me a crappy hand. XD
2. I am incapable of driving 'sensibly' ...MUST GO FASTER!
3. I have a house full of Tiger stuff. Mugs, plushies, ornaments, pictures, etc etc.
4. I am a country boy. Grew up on a domestic farm, played in the woods, quarries and rivers as a kid.
5. I used to play all sports, but then broke mah lung showing off, so, now i'm stuck hanging with nerds. XD nicer, but useless people.
6. I seem to have lost my ability to remember names. XD i don't know how or why, but i really do struggle to remember names. People, places, none seem to stick.
7. I overthink and annalyse everything @_@ its a curse. ...think i was meant to be a detective in life. :3
8. I think electronic technology is awesome, it makes our lives easier, but, at the same time, i think it's going to be the downfall of society.
9. I am going to die single because i have zero confidence around girls. XD amongst many other floors.
10. I believe there is something equivalent to an afterlife, but, i'm not religious. I just can't believe i'm meant to be compost or ash! XD

Here are the answers to AlexBluez questions:

1. Would you date a big booby dragoness?
2. In a clash between 2 artist friends having a friendly contest, which would you think is more appropriate to resolve the issue?
V) Knock them both out and take the prize for yourself >:3
3. What's your favorite game?
V) Streets Of Rage II. >> coz its the best thing from my childhood and i never get tired of it!
4. What would you dress as for Halloween?
V) if i had a decent costume, definitely a werewolf! (the anthro wolfman type).
5. Which blade weapon do you prefer? (for your character personally).
V) HUGE 2 handed sword!
6. What's your horoscope sign?
V) Aries, or, Ox in chinese.
7. What would you do if a big booby dragoness knocks on your door to borrow a cup of sugar?
V) Tell her to go to the shops ya lazy mooch! XDDD haha, kiddin, i'd give her a cup or bag of sugar.
8. If you ever had a chance to go for a holiday trip overseas, where would you go?
V) Australian outback in a kitted out pickup truck. OR, japan and China, because i love the culture and food X3. OR, just anywhere scenic with mountains and forests. Gotta explore!
9. what kind of art style do you use most.
V) A mixture of traditional and digital. I start out tradition with my pencil sketches, then colour them digitally these days. But, except for 'painting', i'm good with any traditional art tools.
10. What type of "pillows" would you snuggle with when you go to bed?
V) if i had a choice, it would be some cuddly lovable girl! XD but, for now, its just lousy standard cotton and polyester pillows.

And now for the questions my victims will need to answer:

1. What was/is your ideal dream career/job choice? (no boob inspectors! XD be serious).
2. What job did you end up stuck with?
3. What's your favourite anthro animal?
4. Pick one: Super futuristic sci fi world with spaceships and lasers, or, basic simple medieval world, with swords and horse carts? (can't say both).
5. Pick one: Animated films, or, none animated with real actors? (can't say both).
6. Pick one: Sword or a gun? (can't say both).
7. What film your looking forward to the most in 2O16.
8. Do you like stereotypes and stereotypical humour?
9. What happened to my cookie? >_o
10. Can you give me a million dollars? ...let me rephrase *gets gun* give me the monies!

The victims of this treacherous ordeal shall be:

10 people? AWWW MAN >> too much effort.



(below) i found a really old advert on my photobucket account. i made it when i came back from leaving my VexArcade account and returning in my new VeXtreme account....... before MiniFuzZ and Vertical-misfit. >>; yeah, i had a lot of ups and downs over the last decade. :lmao: thats life!
XD anyway, this add was made WAY before all the macro stuff ;p
just thought it might interest some people... >> i don't care :rofl:

:highfive: farewell for now ;p

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  • Listening to: Crush 40
  • Reading: *Edna Krabappel* HA!
  • Watching: Dragon riders of Berk, season 2! wooo!
  • Playing: Nnnnnothin' :3
  • Eating: Maltesers. X3 mmm!
  • Drinking: Coke... cans and cans of coke @_@
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:iconvertical-misfit: hey all! :la:

I am soooooo bored. >> these pony pics aren't bringing so many comments as my other art. CURSES! :shakefish:
Right, i'm still working on that Pom interview. I got a few good questions from you guys... and a lot of STUPID ONES! :XD:

Anyway, usually i'm against going with the flow as i hate being a mindless sheep. ( >:3 i'm a lone wolf, man!) But, i figure what the hey, just this once. SO, i'm doing one of those 'Ask Journals'.
:p this is totally to kill time and give me something to do tomorrow night after work :lmao:
Feel free to ask ANY of the following characters or me personally, ABSOLUTELY ANY questions you want ...and you'll get appropriate in character answers! :la:

Vex ---> VeXtreme Gallery 3 by Vertical-Misfit
Mel ---> Best Friends For Ever by Vertical-Misfit Pom ---> Poms extreme abseiling by Vertical-Misfit
Jodie ---> Midnight Smooch by Vertical-Misfit Niki ---> Help your self by Vertical-Misfit

...and before you complain and ask for other characters from my gallery, the answer is no, TOUGH! :lmao:


Advert: Some artists make you pay to see thier art.
Some artists are cold and only draw for money and fame.
But some artists, just want to share and entertain!
Vertical-Misfit, bringing you something to do and view, WITHOUT MAKING YOU PAY! :huggle: 

:XD: that came to me earlier when i noticed ALMOST EVERY journal in my inbox was titled 'patreon!'. The hell guys? You can't all expect people to pay?! >> it's a nice thing getting money for your hobby, but, your just going to slowly push people away. ;p Not everyone has money to blow, they'll find a cheaper alternative! 
XD besides, do you REALLY want to make money as a Pro Porn Artist? REALLY? That's how you want people to think of you? XD yeah, i bet ya lie and say 'i sell commissions'... hiding the porn part XDDD

ART IS MY HOBBY AND ALWAYS WILL BE! ...................... >> because i couldn't afford to go to Uni and you guys are too tight to pay the £1200 i need every month for the bills. :rofl:


:highfive: right, seeya later.
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  • Reading: *Edna Krabappel* HA!
  • Watching: The Croods series on Netflix
  • Playing: CODMW3 with siblings
  • Eating: Cadbury's Heroes :3
  • Drinking: Coke... cans and cans of coke @_@
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:iconvertical-misfit: hey all! :la:

First up, YOU MORONS! :XD:
when i said i was writing and interview between Pom and a reporter, i meant i wanted serious questions to ask that a reporter would actually ask if it was live.
Not 'can you eat me' and 'will you go on a date with me'. XD i didn't want YOUR personal desires filling!
haha! my fault for not being specific enough!
so yeah, i'm going to write a script/dialogue of Pom being interviewed on TV, so, feel free to ask a few more Lifeguard and Pom life related questions. :3 thanks

anyway, i got tagged twice, but, david-dent-jedai's tag 
was the longer of the 2, so, its getting slapped here on mah page. TOUGH!

1.) Real Name: Brenton. STUPID NAME! 

2.) Nicknames: Bret, Vex, hercule, brick, buster, laughingboy and OI!
3.) Zodiac Sign: Aries.. or OX in chinese.
4.) Male or Female: dude :3
5.) Nursery: Dunston village hall.
6.) Elementary School: Dunston primary
7.) Secondary School: Branston community college... not actually a college XD
8.) Hair Color: Dark brown, almost black. Was born blonde XD SILENCE!
9.) Long or Short: buzzcut/shaved. used to be long and curly XD
10.) Loud or Quiet: Quiet! 
11.) Sweats or Jeans: Sweats... i think. XD track pants?
12.) Phone or Camera: Camera! >> phones suck for photography.
13.) Health Freak: nope, ya live once, get munchin' and chillax!
14.) Drink or Smoke: No to both.
15.) Do You Have A Crush On Someone: XD maybe
16.) Political orientation: Vote me! >> might as well, at least i'd charge less and introduce the 'all crime punishments are death' law! woo! XD
17.) Piercings: ney.
18.) Tattoos: thought about, but, figured no point.


19.) Airplane: Nope. Hopefully this year though, all being well.
20.) Car: in this day and age, who hasn't? seriously? XD
21.) Fist Fight: pfft, rough school, so yeah. thankfully, only one since school. (15 years)

22.) First piercing: ney again.
23.) First Best Friend: Lee >>; he died in a car crash when i was 7.
24.) First Instrument played: xylophone
25.) First Award: oh crikey, err... either a fire safety, cycling safety or some kind of swimming certificate (elementry school stuff).
26.) First Crush: Jenny XD when i was about 6
27.) First Language: Dog :3
28.) First Big Vacation: err... blackpool with my uncle and gran for the weekend XD


29.) Last Person you talked to: MOOOSEMAN! ...mah kid bro >>;
30.) Last Person You Texted: XD no clue, i never use my phone. probably a relative.
31.) Last Person You Watched: through a window or here on DA XD haha
32.) Last Food You Ate: Random party foods. its new years day.
33.) Last Movie You Watched: Pixels. ...meh, seen worse.
34.) Last Song You listened to: 'I'm still here' (jims theme treasure planet).
35.) Last Thing You Bought: Food/groceries.
36.) Last Person You Hugged: probably my work mates. when anything goes wrong we joke and say 'need a hug' XD


37.) Food: my own homemade Lasagne. XD modest, but, damn, its good! >>; improved my mums version with more cheese XDDD
38.) Drinks: err... well i only seem to drink water, coke and tea, so, coke? (too lazy to buy other drink XD )
39.) Clothing: mah leather indiana jones style cowboy hat. >:3
40.) Book: yeah... i haven't read a book since i was 7.
41.) Color: Used to be blue, but, lately i've been liking orange more.
42.) Flower: Delias. Some, not all.
43.) Music: Crush 40 tops, but i'm open to a lot.
44.) Movie: Armageddon, Fast 5, Gone in 60 seconds, Treasure Planet, Tarzan,  Lion king. >>; whut?
45.) Subjects: Meaning of life, spirituality, mythology, psychology, philosophy... i dunno, deep stuff always appeals in conversation. 


47.) [] Kissed in the rain
48.) [x] Celebrated Halloween.
49.) [x] Had Your Heart Broken.
50.) [] Went Over the Minutes on Your Cell Phone. (you can do that? @_@ )
51.) [] Someone Questioned Your Sexual Orientation.
52.) [x] Used a Weapon. 
53.) [] Breathed fire. 
54.) [] Had an Abortion. 
55.) [xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] Done something you've Regretted.
56.) [] Broke a Promise 
57.) [x] Kept a Secret 
58.) [xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] Pretended To Be Happy
59.) [x] Met Someone Who Changed Your Life
60.) [x] Pretended To Be Sick.
61.) [X] Left The Country. (if you count England as scotland as separate, then yeah)
62.) [x] Tried something you normally wouldn't like, and liked it. 
63.) [] Cried Over The Silliest Thing 
64.) [x] Ran a Mile  (and then some more)
65.) [x] Went To the Beach (countless times)
66.) [x] Stayed Single (not by choice anymore, scars have healed XD )


67.) Eating: Cadbury's Heroes. wakka wakka wakka
68.) Drinking: diet coke, SURPRISE!
69.) Getting Ready To: go to bed?
70.) Listening To: shuffled playlist in media player.
71.) Plans For Tomorrow/Today: Sleep, then draw, eat some food, sleep. hey i'm on holiday! XD
72.) Waiting For: The lottery to be in my favour!


73.) Want Kids: yeah, a tomboy daughter would be great!
74.) Want To Get Married: err... if the girl is genuine and not just after the attention XD
75.) Careers in minds: XD Career? Someone's obviously from the city. Just get a job and be grateful.


76.) Lips or Eyes: Eyes.
77.) Shorter or Taller: TALLER!
78.) Romantic or Spontaneous: why not spontaneous romantic? :p both good
79.) Nice Stomach or Nice Arms: huh, dunno really. either.
80.) Sensitive or Loud: a balance of both, more towards sensitive though.
81.) Hook-up Or Relationship: Relationship, otherwise its just cold and pointless. 
82.) Troublemaker or Hesitant: playful trouble maker. not criminal XD


83.) Lost Glasses/Contacts: mah sun glasses... bought more, put them in car sunglasses holder, found old ones in same place >>; doh.
84.) Ran Away From Home: XD don't be silly
85.) Held A Weapon: done this one already. yes, rifle, shotgun, nailgun, knives, swords, hammer. >_o its only a weapon if its being used to attack.
86.) Killed Somebody: XD yes, countless thousands of people. STUPID QUESTION! of course not!
87.) Broken Someone's Heart: ^^; unintentionally, but i hope it was for the better.
88.) Been Arrested: ney. 


90.) Yourself: in strength and wisdom, yes, in domestic life, no XD
91.) Miracles: sure! i mean, they happen, right? ...don't say no!!!!
92.) Love at First Sight: absolutely!
93.) Heaven: i believe there has to be something like a heaven and hell, otherwise, why follow the rules of society and not just take what you want.
94.) Santa Claus: does he still make coke cola? XD
96.) Magic: yes... sort of. XD i like to believe there is more than what we see. probably isn't, but, that's too dull to accept.


97.) Is There One Person You Wanna Be With, Right Now: do fantasy people count? XD
98.) Are You Seriously Happy With Where You Are, In Life: heck no! all my talents and skills are wasted.
99.) Are You Happy With The Person You're With: i share a house with a SLOB of a buddy, so, yeahhhh no. sorry man XD
100.) Post as 100 Truths and Tag five People: You think you can control me?! ...damn, you're good O.o

If ya can be bothered to do this, I tag:
:iconmakershy: :icondiego-kawasaka: :iconchessrook44: :iconmaddysu: :iconthebmeister: ...and anyone else who feels compelled to do this.

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